Countrywide Parrot Deluxe & Fruit Mix – 12.5kg



 New Brand

Large sunflower, white sunflower, French round corn, wheat, banana, buckwheat, red dari, hemp seeds, bare oats, colored cookie, paddy rice, papaya, peanuts, shelled peanuts, pine nuts, pineapple, safflower, sultana, heart of sunflower, corn flakes, pea flakes, coconut flakes, extruded wheat, black sunflower, pumpkin seeds, anise oil, chili, oil dressing







came terribly fast and an excellent combineture of food

Parrot fruit mix

My Parrot, Anton, has enjoyed this food for a few years by varied Suppliers. i’m glad I found Garden Feathers as I will now get littleer quantities. My Parrot could be a small Meyers Parrot. a part of the Republic of Senegal Species. The Order arrived quickly and that i was maintained thus far with a interval for delivery. several Thanks.

Very good.
I bought this seed combine for the primary time, to do it for my macaws and patagons. It seems that it’s a really good mix, fabricated from wonderful quality grain, very thirstily eaten by birds, and therefore the value is competitive with different feeds. I think, first time was no last time.

Just what the Parrot ordered.
Our African gray loves this food, totally different food types, and extremely nice smell of the aniseed.


parrot food

thanks first-class parrot food
excellent service
we’ll be back

sensible worth parrot food …really good price…p n p simply a bit expensive

Parrot delux food

nice food for my parrot he loves the abased flavour too

I even have used this complete of food for while then my provider visited another brand that my birds didn’t like in any respect just threw it out therefore was over moon to be able to catch on once more sensible fast delivery and pleasant phonephone folks thanks from me and my happy parrots


Countrywide Bird Food Range
My native pet food provider accustomed stock the wide range however recently switched to an inferior generic “brand” that’s double the price, Lucky on behalf of me I found Garden Feathers on-line which will offer me with the complete I trust and rate extremely I combine the delux parrot 50/50 with the quality one and it suits each my Hahns parrot and Amazon,

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