Hand Feeding High Protein 1Kg Feeding Method

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Hand Feeding High Protein

This product is meant for hand-rearing parrot species that need low -fat diets (Amazona, Cockatoo, Alexandrine, etc.) from the instant that the feathers begin to emerge. It contains high “oleic oil”, stable and appropriate to their needs. It conjointly contains papaya, which promotes biological process transit.

Price 1200 PKR

Price 1200 PKR

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Using Method:

This is often a continuation hand feeding formula. For example, in Amazons it’s used from third week of life once the feathers begin to emerge. it’s best to use a first-age formula for younger birds. it’s designed to represent 100 percent of the parrot’ diet. throughout exchange stage, it ought to be bit by bit replaced by solid food. combine with lukewarm water to a degree of 23-27% (similar texture of a jolted yogurt). Store during a cool dry place once gap (while refrigeration isn’t advised, chilling is feasible if it is hermetically sealed).

Daily Dosage:

Average consumption of formula per serving is around 5-8 mil per a hundred g of body weight. it’s best to supply every individual chick the adequate quantity and range of feeds in step with their stage of development. should take under consideration that parrots crop ought to be empty before each feeding.


Cereal grains, product and by-products of oil seeds and fruits, vegetable oils, legume seeds, products and by-products of cereal grains, minerals, fructose, dried brewer’ yeast, dried papaya, polysaccharide (0.03%)


Mixture of seasoning compounds, rosemary extract, African marigold extract (contains shrub extract 0.012%) / meerschaum / Tocopherol-rich extracts of natural origin, palmitoyl-4-ascorbic acid / Compounds of trace components (ferrous chelate, metal chelate, atomic number 25 chelate, metal chelate; atomic number 20 iodate anhydrous and hydroxy-analogue of selenomethionine) / Vitamins, pro-vitamins and with chemicals well-defined substances having similar effects (A, D2, E, C1, K, B2, B3, B6, B11, Pantothenic acid, Niacin, Folic acid, Biotin, B chloride, B-carotene, alkaloid anhydrous)

Perceptiv constituents: wet 4.0 %, Crude supermolecule 23.4 %, Crude oils and fats 11.0 %, Crude fibres 4.8 %, Crude ashes 4.1 p.c

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